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There is a huge list of fixes, and detailing them all would be fairly pointless. UR1 was shipped the same day that SCOM became Generally Available. This IS the GA release. SCOM UR1. We did the same thing in SCOM , the UR1 was critical and shipped at the same time the product became GA and officially supported.

So just apply it. Additionally, we will add the steps to update any Linux management packs and agents, if they are present. I simply make sure I only patch one management server at a time to allow for agent failover without overloading any single management server.

I can apply this update manually via the MSP files, or I can use Windows Update. I have 2 management servers, so I will demonstrate both. I will do the first management server manually. This management server holds 3 roles, and each must be patched: Management Server, Web Console, and Console. The first thing I do when I download the updates from the catalog, is copy the cab files for my language to a single location, and then extract the contents:.

My first server is a management server, and the web console, and has the OpsMgr console installed, so I copy those update files locally, and execute them per the KB, from an elevated command prompt:.

This launches a quick UI which applies the update. It will bounce the SCOM services as well. The update usually does not provide any feedback that it had success or failure.

Product Name: System Center Operations Manager Server. Product Version: 7. Product Language: Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation. Update Name: System Center Operations Manager UR1 Update Patch. Installation success or error status: 0. Windows Update did not have the UR1 available from the web at the time of this posting — so I will continue to patch my additional management servers manually which I prefer anyway!

note — your path may vary slightly depending on if you have an upgraded environment or clean install. Make sure it is pointing to your OperationsManager database, then execute the script. You should run this script with each UR, even if you ran this on a previous UR. The script body can change so as a best practice always re-run this. The execution could take a considerable amount of time and you might see a spike in processor utilization on your SQL database server during this operation.

I have had customers state this takes from a few minutes to as long as an hour. In MOST cases — you will need to shut down the SDK, Config, and Monitoring Agent healthservice on ALL your management servers in order for this to be able to run with success.

IF YOU GET AN ERROR — STOP! Do not continue. Try re-running the script several times until it completes without errors. In a production environment with lots of activity, you will almost certainly have to shut down the services sdk, config, and healthservice on your management servers, to break their connection to the databases, to get a successful run. There are 8 management packs in this update!

Program FilesMicrosoft System Center Operations ManagerServerManagement Packs for Update Rollups. Only import the ones you need, and that are correct for your language. If your agents are not placed into pending management — this is generally caused by not running the update from an elevated command prompt, or having manually installed agents which will not be placed into pending by design.

These are mine for RHEL, SUSE, and the Universal Linux libraries. There are no updates specific to UR1. This is an important step. I have consoles deployed around my infrastructure — on my Orchestrator server, SCVMM server, on my personal workstation, on all the other SCOM admins on my team, on a Terminal Server we use as a tools machine, etc.

These should all get the matching update version. Now at this point, we would check the OpsMgr event logs on our management servers, check for any new or strange alerts coming in, and ensure that there are no issues after the update. Lots of updates to Policy Analyzer in this unsigned, pre-release preview build — please post comments here to let me know how well it addresses your needs and what else it could add.

Download here: PolicyAnalyzer. Please see the description of the original Policy Analyzer here for context. 先日 Gartner から、 サービスとしての ID およびアクセス管理に関する 年版のマジック クアドラント 英語 が発表されました。マイクロソフトはその中で、業界のリーダーに選出されており、ビジョンの完全性については世界の名立たる企業を抑えて最高の評価を獲得しています。このすばらしい評価を頂いたことで、既存のパートナー様や今後パートナーとなる企業の皆様との連携を強化し、現在の市場で最も革新的なクラウド コンピューティングのプラットフォームやサービスを提供するうえでご協力いただける基盤が築けたのではないかと思います。中でも特に Azure での ID ソリューションの実装方法には優れた特徴が見られます。.

実際に ID がどのように Azure と関係しており、Azure のサービスでどういった ID 機能が提供されているのかあまりご存じない方もいらっしゃるかもしれません。実はこの分野ではさまざまな取り組みが行われているので、今回の記事ではその点を詳しくご紹介してみたいと思います。. まずは、Azure の ID ソリューションについて なるべく シンプルにまとめましょう。 David Chappell 氏が執筆し Curtis Love が投稿した記事 によれば、Azure では ID 関連の各種ソリューションを提供するために複数のオプションが用意されています。.

さて、いろいろな略語が出てきましたが、これだけではまだ終わりません。次は Azure Active Directory で提供される機能 B2B、B2C、MFA、SSO と、それぞれの具体的な役割について説明したいと思います。. Azure Active Directory B2B は、パートナー企業が管理する ID を使用して、エンタープライズ アプリケーションにアクセスできるようにする機能です。この機能を利用すると、パートナー企業のユーザーを招待して自社リソースへのアクセスを許可し、企業間の協力関係を構築できます。.

AAD の B2C は、オンプレミスのシステムよりも信頼性とコスト効率に優れたクラウド ID サービスです。B2C は、コンシューマー用アプリケーション向けのきわめて利便性の高いグローバルな ID 管理サービスとして設計されています。あらゆるアプリケーションにおいて、コンシューマーがログインする際のエクスペリエンスを自由にカスタマイズでき、既存のソーシャル アカウントによるログインも、新たに作成した資格情報でのログインもサポートされます。. Multi-Factor Authentication MFA は、2 つ以上の本人確認手段の使用を求める認証方式です。ユーザーのサインインおよびトランザクションに際し、さらにもう 1 段階セキュリティを強化するための重要な機能を提供します。MFA を使用するには、次の本人確認手段のうち、いずれか 2 つ以上が必要となります。.

Azure Active Directory Single Sign On SSO は、単一の資格情報セットを使用してさまざまなアプリケーション、サービス、サイト クラウド ベースとオンプレミスの両方 にサインインできる、便利な機能です。. Stratiform 社 英語 の例を見てみましょう。同社はカナダで活躍するマイクロソフトのパートナー企業で、 Enterprise Mobility Suite EMS 英語 を購入したお客様に対し、Intune によるデバイス管理ソリューションを提供しようとしていました。同じころ、そのお客様は当時使用していたディレクトリ ソリューションの Novell Directory Services 英語 と電子メール ソリューションの Groupwise を、クラウドを駆使したコミュニケーション ソリューションと ID ソリューションに移行するべきだと考えました。 今年 4 月、Stratiform は Active Directory 、 Active Directory フェデレーション サービス 、 Azure Active Directory Premium 英語 EMS に含まれる の使用をお客様に提案し、カナダ国内に 10 か所以上ある拠点のユーザーをすべて集中管理できると共に、次のような機能も利用できることも説明しました。.

その後、このプロジェクトは 5 月にして早くも実行に移され、9 月中には を超えるユーザーと 10 か所以上の拠点をすべて、完全な本番稼働へと移行できる予定です。ID ソリューションによって、Stratiform は今回このお客様の最初のプロジェクトを受け持つことができましたが、これは始まりにすぎません。今後もさらに多くのビジネス チャンスを手にすることができるでしょう。. com で受け付けています。 こちら 英語 から過去の記事もぜひご覧ください。. The data access service account might not have the required permissions. This is caused by the SCOM Data Access account needing some additional permissions in SQL in order to control maintenance schedules via SQL Agent.

You will need to configure this just once to get it going. For those scenarios please contact your local Microsoft licensing team. There are exciting changes in Windows Server which simplifies and streamlines patching. I think you will find Windows Server will be easier to maintain and help reduce OpEx costs.

In Windows Server the sea of updates will be streamlined and simplified into a single package. All updates released over a given month will be rolled up in a single package. This will remove the guess work and burden to sort through the large number of hot-fixes released through the breadth of different channels trying to identify the ones you need. It will also simplify the test matrix, making your internal verification processes easier as well as increasing quality by ensuring all changes are verified together to confirm interoperability.

The complexity and uncertainty of trying to figure out which updates you may have installed or missed will be gone with Windows Server The monthly packages will be cumulative, meaning they will include all previous updates. When you install a new server, no more having to install a long list of updates. On the second Tuesday of every month aka. Patch Tuesday during the mainstream support phase a cumulative update which includes new security fixes will be released.

Being cumulative this update will include all the previously released security and quality fixes. Around the fourth Tuesday of every month a cumulative update will be released which includes new quality fixes. You can then have the flexibility to choose the security only update, or the quality update to build your patch management strategy around.

Having a predictable cadence for when you can expect updates, enables you to build patch maintenance processes. Being able to plan ahead will simplify and streamline your ability to manage Windows Server. Windows Server will help you keep it up to date better than it has ever before. Automatic Updates AU is enabled by default on Windows Server and configured to:. Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them.

Windows Server will automatically check Windows Update or a Windows Server Update Services WSUS for any relevant updates, and when it finds updates they will be downloaded and you will be notified that there are updates ready to be applied. Updates will not be installed and servers will not be rebooted automatically, as avoiding production downtime is critical for a server. You control scheduling a maintenance window and installing the updates when it is best for your business.

The key improvement is that Windows Update will automatically check and proactively notify you when there are updates you should apply. This helps you get the fixes before you encounter issues and avoid downtime before it ever happens. After two weeks the updates will be moved to recommended and included in the next cumulative update and automatically notified by Automatic Updates that updates are available.

This predicable behavior gives time to test updates such as in your lab, before being notified across the broader set. Even if notified, ultimately you are in control on what you choose to install. Automatic Updates will not be enabled on Nano Server.

Additionally, for customers who prefer the behavior of previous releases Automatic Updates can be easily configured, including being disabled with group policies.

In Windows Server a new installation type called Nano is being introduced which will deliver the smallest Windows Server footprint ever! Having a smaller operating system footprint results in fewer binaries to patch. Having less to patch simplifies keeping your servers current. Windows Server will reduce costs by delivering:. In Windows Server you will be able to build a simple maintenance plan:. Written by: Elden Christensen, Microsoft. I have been using my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which is part of my corporate domain and I wanted to remove it from the Corp domain and join to it Microsoft Corp Azure AD.

There is very little documentation about the error online and thought I must write this post when I resolve it. I was able to join my other devices to Microsoft Azure AD without any issues. So what was different with this device and my other devices.

This device was part of the corporate domain and was being managed by System Center and removing the machine from the corporate domain does not remove the System Center Configuration Manager client from the machine. Recently a colleague got a new PC and asked me how he could migrate his existing virtual machines to his new system. This is also a common scenario when moving VMs to a guarded fabric. TPMs are an established and standardized technology which can be used for different purposes around system trustworthiness and identity.

For example, they can be used to ensure the OSes boot loader and boot configuration has not been tampered with before unsealing a BitLocker encrypted disk, or to have a strong system identity based on hardware. Virtual TPMs bring these great capabilities to virtual machines running on Windows 10 and Windows Server hosts or newer.

This means, some keys must be updated so the VM can run on the destination system. The overall process involves two basic steps before moving the VM to the new host:. First, the guardian information for the destination system or fabric must be exported.

If you plan to authorize a guarded fabric, please make sure the destination hosts are properly configured with the Host Guardian Service information. Also, note that if you run this on a host in a guarded fabric, each host that is part of this guarded fabric will be able to run the virtual machine once the key protector is updated. If in doubt, ask your administrator. The following script snippet can be used to export guardian information from a destination host by simply running it on this host.

Otherwise, a local guardian is created if it does not exist with the default name and exported. On the source host, run this command in an administrative PowerShell to import the guardian information which was previously exported.

For this step, the assumption is that the source system is running in local mode and the right guardian information is present. If you are running on Windows 10 and can start your VM with a virtual TPM, this should be the case. The script loops through all VMs with an enabled vTPM and adds the guardian for the destination system exported above.

Finally, the virtual machines can be exported on the source and imported on the destination host. You should be good to start the VMs. FIPS is a setting which restricts the algorithms which can be used to encrypt data.

SharePoint administrators are usually familiar with this setting having learned that SharePoint versions are not FIPS-compliant. Turns out that Power BI Desktop — at least at the moment — is not compliant with FIPS either. You may see a couple of different behaviors if you see enable the FIPS registry key.

There should be some announcements about Power BI this week — SQL PASS Summit is on this week — and hopefully there will also be an announcement soon about this issue. Damit noch ein paar mehr Leute davon erfahren, hier eine kurze Version in Deutsch.

js, so auch den iothub-explorer. NET und Node. js hat Robin-Manuel dann auch noch Code in seinem Beitrag aufgelistet, den spare ich mir jetzt zu kopieren und verweise lieber nochmal auf den Original-Artikel! This is a brief tutorial on how to manage the Windows Update settings on Windows Server using SCONFIG.

Your thoughts, questions and feedback are very valuable to us and we encourage you to share them in the comments section below. Additionally, of all these articles contain the same table of contents on the left side of each article. You understand so much its almost hard to argue with you not that I personally will need to…HaHa.

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