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Parent page: Designing Systems with Multiple Boards. The primary aim of Multi-board design altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 to bring all elements of an electronic product together as a system that is ready for successful production.

Fabrication and Assembly outputs from the sub-projects within a Multi-board project cater for the production of those specific modules, but not for the overall system that will be assembled as a product.

Along with the design definitions for the submodule PCBs and the required enclosures, hardware and wiring, a system design also should include key production data that relate to the complete devil may cry for pc 自由, such as singular definitions of its parts and assembly.

Critical to the notion of project production data is a valid record of the design’s required component parts and their associated data, captured as a Bill Of Materials BOM. Altium Designer provides the advanced ActiveBOM feature that also delivers real-time information on manufactured parts and supplier sources, component specifications, lifecycle status, availability, altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 more, which is all collated ссылка на продолжение managed through a project’s ActiveBOM document.

In system design, Altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 documents can be created within the Multi-board project itself to provide a single source BOM definition for the complete Multi-board project, without the need to manually assemble that data from the individual sub-project BOMs. To create a system-level BOM document, right-click on the Multi-board project name in the Projects panel and choose the Add New to Project » ActiveBOM command from the context menu.

BomDoc file is added to the top level in the Multi-board project hierarchy. The system-level BOM sources component parameters from the Altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 Assembly document, /5914.txt in turn derives component information from the Multi-Board sub-projects, as defined in the Multi-board Schematic.

A top-level Multi-board BOM also includes source project details for each listed приведенная ссылка in the form of Module column altium designer 17 multiboard 自由.

The ModuleAssembly column is enabled by default, while по этой ссылке other Module reference columns can be made visible from the Columns tab in the Properties panel. As an aggregate reference of part information for the overall product design — in practice a connected set of PCB project Modules — a system-level BOM will include component and supply chain data for all sub-projects, plus collated information such total pricing for specific parts and the cost of all parts in the complete Multi-board design.

Note that data from BOM documents within sub-projects are not used by a system-level BOM document. However, changes made to a sub-project BomDoc, such as a modified component Designator or Part Choice are adopted by the project design itself, and these will be then reflected in the Multi-board BomDoc.

As outlined above, any component data changes in a sub-project must be updated to the Multi-board Assembly document Update All Parts before those changes will be reflected in the system-level Multi-Board BomDoc. A powerful advantage of the ActiveBOM feature is its ability to provide real-time supply chain information for project ссылка на подробности, composed of manufacturer part data and validated supplier sources.

By way of example, Multi-board module interconnecting cables вот ссылка expressed in terms of their terminating parts in a Multi-board Schematic. Beyond the production output data generated for the fabrication and assembly of a Multi-board design’s constituent sub-projects, a system-level design requires output data that applies to the production of the overall Multi-board assembly. Altium Designer offers this system-level output data through generated reports and graphics documents.

A BOM Report output can be generated directly from the ActiveBOM document through the Report Manager dialog, opened from the Reports » Bill of Materials option in the main menu. The report will include all ActiveBOM data, include a snapshot of each Item’s Supply Chain data.

A Draftsman BOM Table report added to a system-level Draftsman document will draw its data from and reflect a Multi-board ActiveBOM document. To create a system-level Draftsman document, right-click on the Multi-board project name and select Add New to Project » Draftsman Document from the context menu select any sub-project as the source. When a BOM Table is placed from this top-level document Place » Bill Of Materials its content will include all part items from the overall Multi-board design.

As with the ActiveBOM document, the additional Module reference parameter columns are available Module Assembly, Designator, Source, and Title. BOM Table columns are managed under the Columns tab in the Properties panel when the table is selected in the Draftsman editor. Representations of the system level Multi-board assembly can be exported from the Altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 » Export options available when a Multi-board Assembly is the active document.

An example of the interactive PDF 3D format is shown below. All of the above-mentioned types of output data can be added to イコライザwindows10は無料でダウンロード Altium Прикольно.

ドルビーデジタルプラス先進のオーディオドライバwindows10 могу Output Job to generate production data in container formats that target specific читать статью formats, available printers, подробнее на этой странице. The OutJob File is added to the Multi-board project and its generated outputs will, therefore, represent the system-level design.

An Output Job is added to a Multi-board project altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 right-clicking on its name and selecting the Add New to Project » Output Job File option from the context menu.

The Multi-board OutJob will offer output options that altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 to the system-level design only, such as the Documentation and Report outputs outlined above. Generating Production Data for a Multi-board Design in Altium Designer. Contents System-level Bill of Materials Part Choices System-level Output Data BOM Report Draftsman BOM Table Multi-board Assembly Export Output Jobs.

Altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 that Multi-board design functionality is not supported with the Altium Designer Standard Subscription. To ensure that the Multi-board Assembly holds the correct altium designer 17 multiboard 自由 component data, select the Edit » Update All Parts command from the main menu, or right-click in the Assembly editor and choose the Update All Parts option. Found an issue ссылка this document?

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Apr 12,  · Note that Multi-board design functionality is not supported with the Altium Designer Standard Subscription. In mechanical CAD software, the concept of relating two Oct 22,  · As technology evolves, the ability to design multiple boards within a project provides significant advantages over single board design. The best way to do this is with Oct 14,  · A placed Module. Summary. A Module is a rectangular object that can be placed on a multi-board Design document to represent a child PCB project design. The connectivity